Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Storm Before the Calm

In my first blog post it is appropriate to talk about, "The Storm Before the Calm" that I work with in helping family businesses to get from where they are to where they want to be. Here in Nebraska there is a storm raging outside with wind, rain, thunder and lightning all around. It kept me from sleeping, so here I am. Aren't family business conflicts similar? Some are noisy, all are distracting and some keep us from sleeping at night.

I would like to encourage anyone in a family business that has these feelings to realize that you aren't alone. The challenge is to not just hide from the noise, but to confront the conflict in a way that is constructive and meaningful. Many times I act as a facilitator and mediator to "tough conversations" and when the storm is managed properly, the clouds clear and it can be a beautiful day.

Don't be afraid of the storms of conflict, be thoughtful in how you approach them. Remember, family relationships are of utmost importance and they should be treated that way. Not resolving conflict or facing a challenge will lead to misery, resentment and business struggles. Remember, in family business there is usually a storm before the calm. Be thoughtful, be wise and seek assistance if necessary, but don't avoid tough conversations.

I hope this helps.


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