Friday, July 3, 2015

Sell Like a Plumber!!

As I was driving to town I was thinking about marketing and sales.  I was thinking about how wrong so many professionals in the financial services industry approach their job.  I started thinking of some of my mentors and how they have become successful.  One example of someone doing it right is Randy Johnson, one of my close friends from Nebraska and an extremely successful life insurance professional.  Why is he so successful?  Does he have some secret pitch, some magic close that make people want to buy from him?  Maybe......

Just as I was thinking about what makes him successful I passed a plumber's truck.  Something in my mind clicked.......that was it!  He sells like a plumber!

Let me explain.  Have you ever had a plumber knock on your door and brag about how nice his pipe wrench is or how special his plumber's tape is?  Does he brag that he is smarter than other plumbers to get the opportunity to work for people?  Does he TELL people what he wants to do for them? Probably not.  He ASKS good questions.  He finds out what they really need.

Plumbers are focused on solving people's problems, making people's lives easier, more comfortable.  Plumbers are willing to do the dirty work and get into uncomfortable positions at times to help the customer.  Why don't we all do that?  Why don't we emulate the plumber?  If professionals in the financial services industry would begin to sell like plumbers the public perception would improve and they would be more successful.

I'm going to work on it!  I hope you do too.

In my new book, "The Farm Whisperer" I will unveil several techniques that advisers can use to serve generational farmers to preserve their relationships and perpetuate their farms.  If you want to be one of the first to know about when it will go live, shoot me an e-mail.

Until next time,

Dave Specht

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  1. It really is interesting to be able to think about all the different things that can be done to ensure that someone is getting the most out of their selling. I personally really like that you mentioned that those who are struggling with selling are able to sell better if they are "selling like a plumber". Though I personally don't really know what it means to sell like a plumber, it does seem like something that can be a great thing overall. Thank you for sharing.